What measures are in place to protect my confidentiality and privacy?

Safeguarding your confidentiality and privacy is of utmost importance. Here are the measures we have in place to ensure your privacy:

  • Informed Consent: We obtain your consent for using our services, and your clinician will seek specific clinical consent.
  • Clear Privacy Terms: We have clear privacy terms outlined on our website and in our Privacy Policy.
  • Protection for Minors: For clients under 18, parental or legal guardian consent is required. We ensure secure communication and involve parents when needed. Further, our clinicians need to provide evidence of a current WWCC and understanding of the state-by-state regulations for working with minors.
  • Professional Development: Our team stays updated through ongoing training, including child safety, and reporting requirements.

Please note that Someone.health does not provide services to individuals aged 12 and under.