1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  2. Attending my psychology appointment

What is a DASS-21 and what is it for?

Your psychologist may ask that you complete a survey before attending your appointment to get a feel for your mood before you meet.

A DASS-21 or Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale is a 21 question survey that your psychologist might send you to answer before your scheduled appointment. It is used to give your psychologist an idea of how you are doing in terms of depression, anxiety, and stress levels.

If you receive an email from us asking you to complete a survey, that means your psychologist has requested we reach out to you to get you to complete the form. You'll get an email that looks like this:


You'll usually get the email one day before your appointment. Simply follow the blue hyperlink to 'fill out the online intake form' to get started.

Make sure you provide an answer for every question and then click Next.

Tick that you've completed the form completely and then hit Submit to send your results to your psychologist.

For proceeding appointments, you'll always get a different link a day before. If you have not receive anything or can't find them, please jump on Live Chat at the bottom right corner of this page and request for us to send you another link.