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How can I reschedule an appointment?

Just cancel your appointment and then schedule a new one at someone.health/schedule

Rescheduling your appointment is easy, you'll just need to:

  1. Cancel your existing appointment
  2. Schedule a new appointment online

1. Cancel your existing appointment

You've got plenty of options on how to cancel your existing appointment: 

  • Live Chat - use our friendly bot in the bottom right corner of this page to cancel an appointment in seconds
  • Hit cancel - in your reminder email that you'll receive 3 days prior to your appointment there will be a Cancel Appointment link. Just hit that and you can cancel your appointment online.
  • Email - flick us an email to team@someone.health and let us know which appointment you're wanting to cancel
  • Reply to an email - just hit reply to any of our confirmation or reminder emails

2. Schedule a new appointment online

Head over to someone.health/schedule and find another time that works for you.