1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  2. Attending my psychology appointment

Can my psychologist write a report for my employer or lawyer?

Medicare only covers one-on-one therapy with your psychologist and for your psychologist to liaise with your referring GP.

Any requests for letters or reports to anyone other than your GP isn't something that can be bulk-billed.

If you would like your psychologist to prepare anything for anyone other than your GP you are welcome to discuss this with your psychologist in your next appointment and they will let you know if it is something they can complete.

Requests for simple letters or reports start at $88, depending on the length of report and detail required it can increase from there.

Once you've discussed your requirements with your psychologist they will let you know the amount and we'll need to receive payment by your Visa/Mastercard before the letter can be sent.

Next step is for you to discuss your request with your psychologist in your next session. If you don't have an appointment booked, jump over to someone.health/schedule to schedule a time.
Requests can't be made by email and must be made in-session with your psychologist.