1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  2. Attending my psychology appointment

Can my psychologist give me a sick certificate?

Medicare will cover you for one-on-one therapy, however any letter or report will incur an out-of-pocket cost.

We fully bulk bill with no out-of-pocket costs for all appointments with our psychologists on a GP referred Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP). 

Your  MHTP can provide you access to 20 sessions with your psychologist for one-on-one therapy. 

Medicare does not allow your treatment plan or any of your psychologists time to be spent writing reports or letters for anyone other than your referring GP. 

If you would like your psychologist to provide you a note, certificate or letter for any other purpose then you will need to pay privately for that. 

A simple Sick Certificate will cost $88 and will need to be charged to your credit/debit card before it can be sent to you.